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Retails Activations

Retails Activations in Bangalore

Every brand has a unique story and we at Evergreen Groups leverage our branding strength to bring these stories to life. Growing into one of the leading branding agencies in Bangalore, we enable your brand to discover its essence and create a niche identity at the maximum retail outlets. Our portfolio includes leading global and national brands for whom we have enjoyed providing our services.

We realize that the retail environment is a dynamic space. A space that will draw people and spark them into action. A highly competitive arena, retail spaces offer brands an opportunity to stand out from the clutter. As a leading retail branding agency in Bangalore, we give your brand its signature space to thrive. From retail displays and in-store events to innovative props, we bring a distinct perspective to retail design.

We understand the power of the visual medium. Visual Merchandising has become highly sought after, with brands constantly upgrading their designs and strategies. We develop, deliver and communicate high-impact visual concepts and strategies that will take your brand a notch higher.

  • Dealer Display
  • In store branding
  • Stickers, Danglers, Streamers, Posters
  • Total signage solutions
  • Composite, Pre-fabricated, Electronic, LED powered screens