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Reach the Larger Audience

Reach the Larger Audience

This is a special service provided by Evergreen Groups. Reaching larger audience is a dream to every brand but achieving it will be completely a different story all together.

Every brand has its own set of needs to reach its own audience. But achieve that is not so simple, as we have to do certain research based on your geography, understanding your audience behavior, conducting a market research and then based on the stats we will strategies a plan to reach your larger audience.

This particular objective can be achieved through various medium like TV, Radio, Digital, SMS, EMails, Newspapers, Etc. but your maximum reach guaranteed.

  • Reach to 2000000 Lakh+ corporate employees
  • Reach to ITPL Campus – 85+ Companies, 9 towers, 55000 employees
  • Brand Entry into standalone corporate across 7 cities
  • Promotional Space/Experience/Product display at airport – Pan India
  • PVR & Mall Branding – Pan India
  • 120 Million customers per month at railway station ticket counters