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Outdoor Advertisements

Outdoor Advertisements in Bangalore

A school event is always a special ones, because every single activity that happens in school becomes an unforgettable memory in a student’s life.

At Evergreen groups we are specialized in all the school events that includes Annual days, Sports days, Admission events, International study programs, School Conferences & Seminars etc.

We are specialized in organizing school annual days and graduation days. We bring the best possible artist and the MCs with maximum activities and entertainment where everyone will be entertained.

We pick the best venue for the sports days and make sure all the safety protocols has been followed so that we can ensure the safety of the students and the reputation of the schools.

  • Annualday functions
  • Sports day
  • Welcome functions
  • Farewell functions
  • Exhibitions
  • Alumni reunions
  • Entertainment programs
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Sportswear and Gift Merchandising